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Change Log

Full details of any new or changed xml elements can be found on the configuration page.


  • Moved repository and install packaeges to new service provider.  See installation page fore details.


12/03/2012 1.13

  • Fixed bug whereby SqueezeIR would crash if IRoIP was enabled and the cache was cleared and reloaded.
  • Fixed bug that would cause SqueezeIR to hang at Status 2 (In Progress) if a malformed SqueezeIR.cml file was used.


09/02/2011 1.11

  • Fixed bug whereby SqueezeIR would crash if no cache was found.


08/02/2011 1.10

  • Italian localisations (by aka68).
  • Fixed bug that cause the Controller to reboot endlessly with large configuration files.


23/01/2011 1.00

  • French localisations (by sg2).
  • Spanish localisations (by chincheta0815).
  • Hotkey functionality changed to enable/disable SqueezeIR's handling of the Controller's buttons.  The old functionality can be obtained by adding this xml to each profile:
<key ID="66"> <!-- Home | Back -->
        <event ID="PRESS">
            <target>my menu</target> <!-- change to match the menu ID in the profile's <menu> element -->
        <event ID="HOLD">
  • Ability to enable/disable SqueezeIR's handling of the Controller's buttons via settings or hotkey (see above).
  • Popup title display problem fixed.
  • Bug fixed whereby SqueezeIR could crash if the Controller was turned on when no SBS was available
  • Configuration is now locally cached on the Controller. NB: Configuration is now no longer updated automatically from the server upon Controller startup but must be done manually from Settings > SqueezeIR > Advanced > Update Configuration.
  • IR-over-IP Feature added to allow IR devices to be controlled over the Internet via a web browser.
  • Settings screen redesigned to allow room for the new options.
  • Can be run on desktop Squeezeplay (manual install) for troubleshooting purposes.

17/10/2010 0.93

  • Order attributed elements may now be non-sequential (eg 10,20,30 instead of 1,2,3).
  • Roberto Ierusalimschy & Greg Badros credited in 'About' Screen.
  • 'About' Screen is displayed on startup or after Reload Configuration if any errors are present.
  • User-Defined keyNames (See Configuration page for details).
  • Bug fix in handling LIRC RAW_CODES.
  • Norwegian localisations (by HansRL).


25/06/2010 0.92

  • Bug in DENON protocol fixed.


25/06/2010 0.91 (BETA)

  • <menu ID> Case is respected when used as the caption on the Controller's Extras menu.
  • Default <minPopupTime> changed from 500 to 1000 ms.
  • Icon transparency fixed.
  • Bug in xml parser's error handling routine fixed.


24/06/2010 0.9 (BETA)

  • New optional=500 numeric <minPopupTime> element in header and <event> sections to define the minimum time (in milliseconds) that a popup is shown for.  The <event>'s element overrides the header's element.
  • New optional string <homeCaption> element in header and <profile> sections to define the text on the Extras menu item.  The <profile>'s element overrides the header's element when that profile is active.  If both are missing then the value of the <menu> element for the active profile is used (which changes dynamically as the active profile changes).  If the active profile has no <menu> element then SqueezeIR is used.
  • Settings Screen has been re-vamped.  Default Profile selection has been moved to a sub-menu to allow long profile names to be displayed better.
  • Tab characters are now stripped from xml values to allow multi-line popup text to be justified within the source xml (for neatness) and not affect the displayed popup.
  • New icon for SqueezeIR Settings.
  • Bug Fix: strings.txt Converted to UTF-8 to allow for extanded character sets.
  • Bug Fix: Serveral issues with popups have been fixed (eg popup not being shown or default action not happening when <override>=false).
  • Bug Fix: Window activate sound not playing when using the <hotkey> has been fixed.


17/06/2010 0.8 (BETA)

  • New optional=TRUE boolean <event><wait> element to control whether <playerActions> and <target> are applied after <actions> are completed, or upon KEY_UP.
  • Popups can be displayed with user-defined text using <event><popup> element.
  • SETTINGS_MENU_WEIGHT changed from 999 to 100 to put SqueezeIR above Advanced in Settings.
  • Bug fix to allow LIRC files with >32bit commands to be processed correctly.
  • Bug fix to prevent Status 3 (success) being displayed if LIRC files could not be found.
  • Bug fix to prevent new users not having a default profile selected upon initial startup.


10/06/2010 0.71 (BETA)

  • Fixed bug that caused the Controller to crash if EVENT_KEY_UP was detected before all the commands in an <event> had been processed.


02/06/2010 0.7 (BETA)

  • Installable via repository.
  • Support for SBSv7.3 removed.
  • New <playerActions> group in <event> to fire SqueezeOS player actions.
  • <target> Now only supports SqueezeIR menu IDs and _SETTINGS (_HOME & _BACK now performed using the <playerActions> go_home and back).
  • <target> Moved inside <event> to allow different targets for different events.
  • New <menuEvent> event in profile to allow  things to happen when entering a profile's root menu.
  • All config files stored on SBS server (MUST have .txt extension.  Existing users may need to rename their lirc files and modify SqueezeIR.xml).
  • Error logging much improved.
  • Support for Sony's SIRC-8, -12, -15, -20 protocols.
  • 'About' Screen displays the result of the last configuration attempt.
  • <Command> Can now contain <protocol> to override the remote's default.
  • ALL Event ID added to simplify xml if press & hold events are identical.

12/05/2010 0.61 (BETA)

  • Bug in Pronto protocol converter fixed.

15/03/2010 0.6 (BETA)

  • _HOME Target action fixed.
  • Now works with SBSv7.5 & 7.6.
  • Command & Action pauses and counts now work as expected even if there is only one action.
  • Logging tweaked to circumvent maximum message length in log file.
  • Sample config has been greatly simplified.

08/02/2010 0.5 (BETA)

  • Any button (not just GO) can move between SqueezeIR menus.
  • Menu movement now includes Back and Home as well as SqueezeIR menus.

07/02/2010 0.41 (BETA)

  • Custom icon for the controller's Home, Extras and Settings menus.

04/02/2010 0.4 (BETA)

  • Bug fix whereby volume control went haywire when in the SqueezeIR Settings screen.
  • Profiles linked to menus now work through screensaver.
  • Default value of <screensaver> element changed from FALSE to TRUE.

01/01/2010 0.3 (BETA)

  • Settings option "Reload Configuration" added to allow changes to data dir to be activated without restarting the controller.
  • Optional parameter <screensaver> added to <menu> to allow screensaver to be disabled when in SqueezeIR menus.

24/12/2009 0.2 (BETA)

  • Bug in PRONTO code fixed.
  • Hotkey modified.  Press brings up profile's menu if not already in a SqueezeIR menu, Hold enters SqueezeIR settings.

26/11/2009 0.1 (BETA)

  • Initial release.